Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly is a faithful Mormon woman. Raised in the religion since her birth, she is a graduate of Brigham Young University, served in an overseas mission, and married in the temple. She never doubted her Church or experienced a crisis of faith. But her fearless, strategic and media savvy push for gender equality is rocking the Church she loves.

This documentary tells the story of Kate Kelly and her movement to allow women into the Mormon priesthood. Kelly is not the first progressive Mormon women to question the role of women in the Church and push for gender equality. What sets her apart is the timeliness of her mission. The age of social media and plethora of online forums dedicated to LDS feminist thought—collectively known as the “bloggernacle”—have allowed Mormon women to freely question church policy in an unprecedented climate of safety and unity. Kelly believes the internet is a game changer—a force even more powerful than the Church’s entrenched male hierarchy and its practice of systematically erasing disobedient women from the Church’s history.